Discounted Bus Tickets for East Sussex Credit Union Members


Members of the East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU) can now apply for a monthly payment plan to purchase a Brighton & Hove Bus Company annual ticket on the Keycard.

The new scheme enables those who cannot afford the outlay of an annual ticket at £540 to spread the cost over 12 monthly payments with a finance agreement with the ESCU. Under the scheme the ticket price will be further discounted to £490 giving the ticket holder unlimited bus travel for less than £9.50 per week.

So, if you are a member and want to buy your ticket through us – send an email, call or come in to see us.  Just make sure that you have your B&H Buses Keycard number available.  (If you don’t have one – you can order online at

If you are not already a member – then come on and join.  It’ll cost you a one off £5 membership fee and at least £1 to open up your savings account.  We would urge you to setup a regular saving plan – even if it is only a couple of pounds per week – you can save for Christmas, Wedding or that new car……………..


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