Mental health support

There are various support services for people living with mental health challenges.

Recovery Partners Peer Support and Independent Support Planning & Brokerage is a user-led organisation offering support from specially trained Peer Support Specialists across East Sussex. Services include one to one support, drop-ins, group discussions, workshops, coaching sessions and other activities, all provided free. There is also independent support planning and brokerage – up to 21 hours of peer support, recovery planning and support planning for those who have a personal budget or are self-funding to help get the support they really need. For more information see Recovery Partners or download their leaflet here. Recovery Partners

Contact Kirsten Iles (Peer Support) on 07881 981565 or by email at or James Hazelby (Support Planning and Brokerage) on 07708 932601 or by email at

The Connexions 360 website has links to different services for young people depending on their needs.  Those under 17 with more complex problems may be referred to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. For more details check our website