Loss and bereavement

For some people, bereavement can be devastating and physically and mentally debilitating. Some people who experience difficulties coping with grief  may need specialist help and support from outside their circle of family and friends in order to prevent their grief from becoming a long-term emotional or mental health problem, perhaps leading work absence, reliance on medication or harmful coping strategies such as alcohol abuse.

Cruse offers practical information, advice, group counselling and 1:1 counselling. In Eastbourne Cruse takes telephone and email enquiries, provides a weekly drop-in session and offers 1:1 counslling to people of all ages including children and young people.

For more information contact Cruse by telephone: on 01323 642942 or email: cruse@cruseeastsussex.org.uk or visit the website at www.cruseeastsussex.org.uk