Help with breastfeeding


Breastfeeding your baby for as long as possible gives your child the best possible start on the path to a healthy life.  If you need more help or support with breast-feeding or just need information about restaurants and cafes that support breast-feeding mums, 

download the new app called Breastfeeding Facts’. The app is free to download and has information about where mothers can go to receive breastfeeding peer support and a directory of cafes and restaurants who support mothers with breastfeeding, as well as information for mothers about topics around breastfeeding with helpful videos and FAQ’s. The app has iPhone, iPad and Android versions and has been created to support women to breastfeed.  It is available to download from iTunes and Google Play.

 You can also find out more about what’s available to support you by downloading the East Sussex Baby Guide here east-sussex-baby-guide[1]