Cut your risks from alcohol


Many people enjoy a drink but how many of us are sure we are drinking within safe limits? For information on what is safe and ideas on making changes find out more by visiting the NHS website  or visit

If you are worried about your drinking and would like help to reduce the risks to your health you can contact Action for Change on 0300 111 2470 or by email at Action for Change also provides advice and support for anyone caring for a family member or friend with drug or alcohol issues. For more information visit their website: Action for Change

‘Free training is available from Action4Change for staff who would like to understand how best to help their patients and service users manage their drinking. For more details see: Summary of IBA Training form

The Under 19’s Substance Misuse Service’ helps young people and their families who are affected by drugs and alcohol. Phone: 01323 464404

East Sussex Recovery Alliance – There is a range of recovery support run by and for people with drug and alcohol issues to support each other on their paths to recovery. Yyou can find out more information about these and when meetings take place on the  East Sussex Recovery Alliance page.

Alcoholics Anonymous aims to help the recovery of alcoholics by group meetings and individual support. For details of local meetings ring 0845 769 7555 or visit the Alc0holics Anonymous website.

Al-Anon Family Groups provide support and understanding to anyone whose life is, or has been affected by someone else’s drinking. For details of local groups ring 020 7403 0888.