Rebalance Weight Management

East Sussex County Council

East Sussex County Council have commissioned a new Tier 2 weight management
service called re:balance ™. It is a scientifically designed programme to help people lose weight
and keep it off. It is not a diet.

Here are a few facts about why you could recommend your patients to take part:

· re:balance ™ helps people make changes to their lifestyle as well as their patterns of thinking
and feeling that will help them to improve their health and wellbeing whilst losing weight at the
healthy rate of between 1-2 lbs each week
· re:balance™ has been designed by experienced healthcare professionals
· re:balance™ helps people discover and strengthen their own personal motivation for improving
their health and losing weight
· re:balance™ is designed to build people’s confidence in doing the many small things that will
help them to lose weight and keep it off

How and where are the courses delivered?
· re:balance™ is delivered as a 12 week, 2 hour group course involving attendance at a convenient
community venue such as a leisure centres and local community centres
· re:balance™ is not compulsory and people go at their own pace. It emphasis and supports
self-direction, autonomy and personal responsibility

Who will be delivering the courses?
· Qualified local professionals who have had additional training in the re:balance system
· Staff delivering the re:balance™ programme provide structure, activities, information, exercise,
guidance, coaching and personalised and group support.
· re:balance™ can also involve telephone, text and e-mail support if individuals feel they might
benefit from these elements
· reheathy eating and physical activity. It is designed to be safe and effective and can be
tailored to people with and without disease and co-morbidities

Who can take part?
· Adults, children and young people. We offer specialist courses for all three groups. Adults need
to have a BMI of over 30 whilst They have a BMI of unless pre-assessed and referred by their GP. Children and Young
people can be referred if they have a BMI equal to or above than the 91st centile as long as they
do not have a BMI equal to or above than the 98th centile.

How much will it cost my patient?
· re:balance™ East Sussex is delivered at no cost to your patient. Yes it’s completely FREE!

How do I refer my patient?
· Your patient can either self refer via the weblink below or visit the weblink and make a referral
during a consultation with you or at any time. It only takes two minutes to complete the online
form. We do the rest!

Contact us:

Tel: 08452 160 120
In partnership with Freedom Leisure, Wave Leisure and Zest People.