Edible Eastbourne

Healthy Lifestyle


What do the words Edible Eastbourne conjure up for you? What would it feel like to be part of a community where food is growing everywhere in such abundance that no one ever needs to go hungry?

We are inspired by the success of Todmorden, a little town in Lancashire, who literally grow food anywhere they can. Check out their website with heaps of resources on everything needed to create an Edible Town. http://www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk/

The vision for Edible Eastbourne is a place where the people of Eastbourne are…

  • growing healthy food everywhere
  • preparing fresh healthy food from scratch
  • preserving healthy food
  • using community kitchens
  • sharing and exchanging fresh produce
  • running community owned greengrocers and bakeries
  • farmers markets springing up everywhere
  • sharing gardens – growing food in and tending someone’s allotment or garden in exchange for a share of produce

Edible Eastbourne – The Aims 

Growing – To inspire, facilitate and help communities to create, manage and edible/wildlife spaces with berries, nut and fruit trees, herb gardens and annual veggie patches

Preparing To inspire, facilitate and teach people to cook fresh healthy food from scratch

Sharing – To build the sharing/gift economy by giving excess fresh healthy food to those who need it and making public community gardens ‘free-pick for all’.

Enterprising – To inspire, encourage and help people to build local food based enterprises

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